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Nov 25, 2011

Audioengine AW2 Premium Wireless Adapter for iPod

Audioengine W2 (AW2) Premium Wireless Adapter for iPod - Send music wirelessly from your iPod to to any music system. AW2 provides CD quality stereo sound with no reduction in audio quality. Unwire your iPod with the Ultimate Wireless Adapter!

Technical Details

  • Use your iPod for total wireless music control
  • Super-compact size, no batteries needed
  • Uncompressed CD-quality digital transmission
  • No dropouts, static or interference
  • Wi-Fi technology beats Bluetooth and FM
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Xbox Memory Unit

Provides additional portable game and/or character storage space. For use with Xbox-compatible controllers only. The Xbox Memory Unit provides additional portable game and/or character storage space. For use with Xbox compatible controllers only.

Product Features

  • Provides Additional Portable Game And Character Storage.
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Helix Gaming Grip for iPhone and iPod touch

Helix has a grip-enhancing soft touch that vastly improves gaming performance. Both extremely light and portable, Helix offers a sleek aesthetic and ergonomic design for enhanced playing comfort and control.

Product Features

  • Compatible with iPhone 3G, 3GS and iPod touch 2G, 3G
  • Devices fit securely in portrait and landscape orientation
  • Comfortably wide handles for accurate steering control
  • Sturdy, durable construction and simple wire management
  • Ideal for racing, first person shooters, action RPG's, flight simulators, side-scrollers... virtually any game.
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Xbox 360 Wireless Speed Wheel

Take the wheel for easy motion-controlled racing. With the Xbox 360 Wireless Speed Wheel, experience realistic, accurate steering, and feel every bump in the road with rumble feedback.

Product Features

  • Intuitive steering with motion sensors
  • Trigger buttons for gas and brake
  • Buttons for game-specific functions
  • Rumble feedback
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